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Now, You Can Embed Facebook Posts

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Menlo Park, California–Users can now embed Facebook posts from the social network onto other sites, a feature that’s been conspicuously absent from the social platform for the past few years.

Twitter embedding has long been available, as well as the ability of embedding videos from YouTube. And now, the world’s largest social media site has incorporated the sharing feature into its user interface.

Only a Few Can Embed Facebook Posts

Currently, most users won’t be able to use the Facebook embed feature, as it’s limited to only few organizations, and not yet site wide. However, that will change over the coming weeks or months, depending on it’s popularity and the company’s ability to support it. However, Facebook posts, though having the ability to share on linked users’ accounts, has been one of the most used features on the social network.

The social site will include an innovative addition, allowing users to add a hashtag when they embed Facebook posts. The addition is designed to make the social network more visible across different mediums and attract more advertisers, something the company derives nearly all of its revenue from.

Recent Changes to the Social Site

Facebook has been busy and apparently successful at monetizing its mobile interface. It also recently announced it would be integrating gaming adverts into users’ notification menu. That’s another channel for the social site to make money. Face Book posts have also added a mood feature in the past few months, and its Home interface is being integrated into the main site. Rumor has it that the social network, along with Twitter, will be releasing video ads, in order to broaden their appeal to more brands seeking exposure.

In an effort to address security concerns, the company has also added a verification process and has acquired other properties to enhance user experience.

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