August 4, 2022
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Optimizing a Website for Social Media

optimizing a website for social media

Learn about optimizing a website for social media.

Social media optimization is an absolute necessity for your business’ website because, not only of its importance in SEO, but in making your company recognizable. In other words, you have to think about social media as what it really is, word of mouth marketing.

When users share, like, follow, become a fan, +1, retweet, repin, and mention something, they are essentially marketing social media for a business, a product, or a service. That means if your company doesn’t have a cohesive and clear social media strategy, it is missing out on sales leads, conversions, and by extension, higher organic search ranking.

Now, you don’t have to hire a social media agency, but you do have to put a plan into action, and, that cannot be done in a workable way unless your site is optimized for social interaction.

The Power of Social Media Websites

What you may or may not know is that Google and Bing have made some big changes to their ranking algorithms. Years ago, when social media was new, the search engines considered the emerging Web 2.0 properties to be a fad. As a result, the search engines didn’t crawl or index social content. But when it proved to have not only staying power but exponential growth, Bing and Google could no longer ignore those sites.

Someone finds your website in a Google search and decides to share a very useful article from your blog. If they share it on Facebook, the resulting visits are essentially by word-of-mouth. If they shared on Twitter the resulting visits are people interested in the topic of the article. In either case, social sharing will eventually result in new email supporters, donors, etc. —Huffington Post

Now, the search engines not only crawl what’s on social networks, they actually incorporate user behavior into their ranking signals. What this means is social plays an important role in search engine optimization. And if your website isn’t optimized to include these popular destinations and their content, it can’t climb in organic search.

You don’t have to invest in social media advertising, but your site has to have some key elements present to make it work in the world of social networking.

Tips for Optimizing a Website for Social Media

At its very root, social media marketing is targeting a key demographic. And your site ought to be doing the same thing. You probably have a good idea of who your customers are. But your site might be a bit too generic to draw in other like-minded people.

That’s why it’s very critical to become an authority, a trusted source in a niche area of your industry. This is where social comes into play because it forms an identity. Here’s how to go about optimizing your website for social media:

  • Make your site available to mobile viewers. There’s an increasing mobile internet access trend that isn’t going away and is the way of the foreseeable future. Desktop use is still strong but declining and people are using smartphones to interact on social networks. If your site isn’t responsive or mobile capable, it’s losing out big time.
  • Add sharing and commenting options. Social media is a conversation marketplace. Place popular sharing and commenting social media tools on your site and you’ll begin to see how and why people are reacting to what you’re doing.
  • Publish blog posts on a regular basis. Think of social updates as your elevator pitch and your blog as the place where you can give the entire message. Be sure to title your blog posts with enticing wording and include an image with each post because images get shared more than text.
  • Add social login capabilities. One great way to build an email list is to allow visitors to access some content via social media login. They input their Facebook or Twitter email and password, and that lets you capture that information. Plus, it makes visitors feel what they’re accessing is important.

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