September 30, 2022
Pinterest business pinners

Pinterest Business Pinners Profit

Pinterest business pinners
Credit: Pinterest

San Francisco, California–Pinterest business pinners are discovering that strategic, prolific pins are a great way to generate more sales and grab more engagement.

For most users, the social pinboard is just a hobby, a site where ideas can be shared and found. Now, the power of the pin-style digital platform is being discovered by more small businesses who realize images are worth more than 1,000 words.

For some time, the photo sharing site has been used as a marketing tool for large brands. Names like HSN, which regularly incorporates Pinterest in its marketing arsenal to attract more visitors to its website.

The results are striking, with the Home Shopping Network garnering forty times more visitors to its own site than any other social network. In an article titled, “How HSN uses Pinterest to make waves,” Sadia Latifi delivers some very useful and incredible statistics about the benefits enjoyed by the multi-channel network in using the online pinboard.

Profiting Pinterest Business Pinners

The article posted on the social network’s official blog prompted Vogue Paris to include the “Pin It” button in its emails and on the business’ website. After just one year, Vogue Paris saw its followers double to 80,000 and received twice the amount of referral traffic to its site.

Caribou Coffee is another example. It created a hashtag “InspireCaribou,” which followers used to accompany uploaded images that included ideas for new blends of coffee. These not-so mega-retailers are at the forefront of marketing on the pinboard and many other small businesses are discovering how useful it can be to generate traffic and sales.

The social network has a guide that helps companies to develop a marketing campaign which produces measurable results. Among other things, it gives advice about how to create, upload, a describe high-quality images with influential copy. Inside the guide, businesses will discover information about how to best tag and categorize their images.

Pinterest recently began a campaign to market to men to expand its gender reach. In addition, a recent study revealed that of all the social media platforms, the digital pinboard outperformed it incumbents in customer service and user satisfaction.

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