August 4, 2022
Pinterest LinkedIn and Twitter Popularity

Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter Popularity

Pinterest LinkedIn and Twitter PopularityWashington, DC–Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter popularity isn’t very clear-cut, at least that’s the takeaway from a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center which shows the numbers are confusing when analyzing usage among the three social sites.

The number of users on each site are as follows: Twitter has 232 million, LinkedIn has 259 million, and Pinterest has 70 million. However, where actual usage is concerned, the percentages of accounts change significantly.

Differences in Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter Popularity

When combined, more adults in the United States use Pinterest and LinkedIn than Twitter, however, the 140 character microblog attracts more young adults. Pinterest shines brightly when it comes to women, which are four times more likely to have and use an account with the online pinboard. Industry experts say that Twitter’s lack of intuitiveness is likely the key culprit in turning off users.

Pinterest has increased its usage from 15 to 21 percent, a 6 percent change from a year ago, according to 1,445 Internet users aged 18 and older polled by Pew. Twitter took 18 percent, while LinkedIn has 22 percent. Yet when it comes to engagement, Twitter outpaces Pinterest and LinkedIn, with 46 percent, compared to 23 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

Ironically, a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in October of last year found that of 1,067 internet users who’ve opened a Twitter account, 36 percent don’t actually use it and 7 percent have closed their accounts. By contrast, of 2,449 Facebook members participating in the same survey, just 7 percent not using the service and only 5 percent have shut their account.

Social Media Site Usage

The front-runner in usage in the United States remains Facebook, with 71 respondents saying they use the social network, an increase from 67 percent a year prior. The site remains most popular among adults, while social platforms SnapChat and Instagram attract younger users. LinkedIn is the preferred social site for college graduates and higher-income households. Google+ is still climbing in popularity, with more than 540 million users.

The Pew survey found that 73 percent of adult internet users now use at least one social media site, while 46 percent use more than one.

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