August 4, 2022
Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing More Masculine

Pinterest marketingSan Francisco, California–Pinterest marketing, noted for its ability to woo female followers and users is now diversifying, attempting to reach men. The social pinboard site is making a move to lure more male users, seeking to expand its user base, hence, its revenue.

A new marketing drive launched by the photo sharing platform will contain pocket knives, muscle cars, sports, and other content appealing to men.

The move comes after a study by RJ Metrics, which revealed the digital pinboard’s male users account for a mere 20 percent of all its active pinners, and of that percentage, approximately 8 percent of all pinning.

When male users sign-on to the site, images targeted toward their gender will appear. Men won’t likely encounter cupcakes, dresses, hair styling, and recipes. Instead, masculine content will be on full display; however, the site itself has aesthetic challenges to overcome.

The Pinterest Marketing Muscle Flex

Pinterest hired David Rubin, a former marketing VP atĀ Unilever, a consumer goods company. Rubin is the man behind the Axe campaign, a very successful venture.

A study by RJMetrics revealed that men account for only 20 percent of Pinterest’s user base and do only 8 percent of the pinning. The challenge for the scrapbooking property is a large one, considering its design. “For starters, the look and feel of the site, the color scheme – it’s cutesy. It feels feminine,” Brian Blau, an analyst with Gartner, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Another roadblock is the fundamental difference in gender purchasing. Men do not scrapbook, instead, they use social media and search to find, compare, and buy. Sharing goods and ideas is not as prevalent among men as it is women.

Recently, a study found that among social networks, Pinterest outperformed its incumbents in customer service. In May, RJ Metrics released a report which showed the pinboard to actually be losing male users, while other social networks boast a near-even split in gender.

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