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Pinterest Pins Pack More Punch

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San Francisco, California–The world’s largest online pinboard photo sharing site has made some improvements for its growing user based. Pinterest pins have been updated to be more useful to the nearly 50 million people who actively use the image pinning site. The updates come after the site released three other new features.

The move is also expected to make the social media platform more attractive to potential advertisers. With new and improved Pinterest pins, users will get more out of each interaction they have with the pinboard style social platform which has seen a steady increase in its user base.

Pinterest Pins Hope on Site Improvements

Launched in March of 2010, just over three years ago, in what’s known as a “closed” or invitation only beta debut, with only 5,000 users, the site had doubled that number of accounts in only nine months. Then, in August 2011, the site was named one of the 50 best on the internet by Time magazine.

The new Pinterest pins pack more punch in that they give visitors more information about the images they are viewing for three types of images: products, movies, and recipes. Other Pinterest pins are available for nine separate mobile apps. The site is continuing to venture into mobile, which is seen as the next sea-change in social media as mobile interest access increases.

Company insiders say that the new features are a “first step toward making pins more useful,” according to a recent report by the technology news and analysis site TechCrunch. The updated Pinterest pins are only available on the redesigned platform of the social pinboard, a site-wide change that began rolling out in March of this year.

Surpassing Social Media Norms

Many changes have been underway for what is arguably the second largest social media site on the web. The company hopes the improvements will be ones that lure advertisers as the image sharing site currently does not have a revenue income.

However, it does have big names using it, so the improved features are likely to pave the way to a viable revenue stream. Currently, sites like eBay, Overstock and Etsy have large presences on Pinterest. Other big names using Pinterest pins are Martha Stewart and Netflix. Recently, Bing began to include Pinterest pins in its image search results.

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