August 10, 2022

Pinterest Search Replaces Scrolling

Pinterest Search Replaces Scrolling
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San Francisco, CaliforniaPinterest search just expanded to individual user boards, allowing pinners to search their own boards instead of scrolling, trying to pinpoint a specific image. The social pinboard has always allowed its users to search for pins site wide, but until now, did not include the option to zero-in on pins they have uploaded to their own boards.

It also comes as a welcome addition to a social network that is growing its user base, the majority of which, are women. The online pinboard is so gender-centric that one of its few male users, a journalist, actually joked about being the only man on Pinterest.

The New Pinterest Search Feature

The new Pinterest search feature is very straightforward. It gives its users the ability to select a search of “just my pins”, and to enter keywords to find pins with those specific tags.

For instance, the site has incorporated from its inception a Pinterest search feature, but it has been by topic, as more and more users add images under those topics, it becomes unwieldy to find one particular image. Now, if a user selects the “just my pins” filter option, and types in the keywords, “bacon wrapped mango scallops” or “dry erase chore chart”, the site will return results with those keyphrases.

Recent Pinterest Additions

The new and improved Pinterest search will certainly be a welcome addition to the site, but is not yet available on its mobile interface. However, Hui Xu, an engineer with the social pinboard said the feature will be soon coming to mobile. The move will likely cause users to incorporate more keywords into their pins on upload.

Other recent additions to the image sharing site have been the inclusion of more information about pins, and three filter options which allow users to find pins from the same board, pins from the same source, and pins that have been shared by other users. These additional features are in response to user feedback, according to the site’s blog.

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