August 5, 2022

Pinterest Users Exceed 70 Million

Pinterest Users Exceed 70 Million
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San Francisco, CaliforniaPinterest users exceeded 70 million in June, according to a new study conducted by Semiocast. That figure coincides with a comScore report released in February which stated the pinboard style image social sharing site had 48.7 million users worldwide.

Semiocast studied the activity of 2.05 million users, which showed that just over 30 percent of those users¬†pinned, repinned or liked an image or video during the month of June. This percentage exceeded expectations because the online pinboard’s user base is relatively small, compared to that of other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Pinterest Users Becoming a Global Community

Another surprising fact turned up in the research found that 79 percent of the users which¬†pinned, repinned or liked an image or video last month were from the United States. However, that’s a trend the pinboard styled social platform would like to expound upon.

Pinterest users internationally are small relative to those using the image powered site in the United States. However, the social media site has launched localized platforms in the United Kingdom and France. Pinterest also has a foothold in Canada, and is present in Australia. A full 45 percent of Pinterest users are from outside the United States, with it’s popularity scale being most prevalent in the US first, Canada second, the UK coming in third, and Australia being the fourth, with women continuing to constitute the vast majority of Pinterest users.

Pinterest Not Yet a Big Brand Draw

Despite some very large companies signing on to the pinboard site, the social network has not yet proven to be a big draw for businesses. Though there are Fortune 500 companies on Pinterest, the number of business accounts compared to other social networks remains low.

As of July 1st, the online image sharing site had only half a million business accounts. Surprisingly, 38 percent of existing business accounts were out of China, a country in which Pinterest isn’t yet localized.


Credit: Semiocast
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