September 18, 2022
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Pinterest Users Steadily Increasing

Pinterest logoSan Francisco, California–Pinterest users are increasing in number, particularly in the news category. Media outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX made up 20 percent of sharing activity. Facebook and Twitter made up larger percentages but Pinterest stood out because it increased by two percent from Q2 to Q3.

According to a study conducted by Gigya, Facebook was the largest of “media/publishing”-related content for news organizations, with 40 percent, while Twitter accounted for 30 percent. LinkedIn rounded out the top four, getting 4 percent. The same analysis revealed Pinterest claimed 44 percent of ecommerce-related shares, outpacing all other social media sites.

Pinterest Users Seeing More News

Pinterest users are seeing more media/news related content in the past several months, as are users of other social networks. Currently, 30 percent of adults in the United States get their news from Facebook, an October study by the Pew Research Center found.

Pinterest Users Steadily Increasing
Credit: Gigya

Social feeds are also ripe with e-commerce content, and while Pinterest came in first with such posts, Facebook came in second with 37 percent, with Twitter a distant third at just 12 percent. Facebook took first in travel/hospitality and education brands, with Pinterest running up in second position with 17 percent, and Twitter landing 14 percent. In the education/non-profit sector, Google+ dominated with 8 percent, which is double the platform’s sharing in any other sector.

Global Social Sharing

In the Gigya report, social sharing by continent was also included. In North America, the most diverse sharing occurred, with Facebook leading at 36 percent, Pinterest shares accounted for 29 percent, and social sharing on Twitter made up 24 percent.

Pinterest introduced changes in September to encourage its users to upload more news content, which now displays the title, author and short description of the content. Currently, Pinterest has approximately 70 million users, Facebook still dominates social with over 1 billion, Google Plus has 540 million, and Twitter has about 232 million active users.

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