August 6, 2022

Poor Copy Kills Social Shares, Search Rank

copywritingCopy that isn’t up to par simply won’t perform well under the new search algorithm adjustments. Copywriting has become the go-to factor for evaluating a site’s authority and how it will rank in organic search results. This departure from ranking signals which dominated just a few years ago is the result of better parsing of data. Keyword repetition is out and semantics are in.

What’s more, search return results are increasingly moving away from being manipulated by arbitrary methodologies by SEO companies and webmasters. In short, free participation and natural behavior by a site’s visitors are the leading indicator of linkable, sharable and interesting content.

Search Rank Signals

To put it plainly, Google and Bing have effectively closed-off the end-runs around their search rank algorithms. No longer can backlinks be built and receive high recognition. Now, a site must earn links, it must build its social media presence in order to rank high on a search results page.

Google decided to change the weight of their emphasis from “backlinks” more towards social media likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and 1+s. In the world of digital media, the emphasis is on follows, comments, and views as well. —Forbes

This change means old-school marketing is now more important. It also means that businesses must concentrate on their own sites, in conjunction with their social profiles in order to earn the respect of consumers. As the nearby blockquote points out, the new way search rank is awarded is by how many people like and share content, not by how many inbound links that can be “built”.

Writing Copy to Compete

Advice from Google and Bing has been very clear about how to best optimize a site–populate it with useful, quality content. But because so much weight was given to other factors which could be more easily done, focus was placed elsewhere. Now, those methods won’t work. Here’s what will:

  • Get socially involved. Shares, likes, fans, you name it, it’s now the preferred determination of how a site will rank. Work on developing your social profiles and build a following.
  • Think “earn”, not “fabricate”. Expand your proprietary site with quality content and get involved with others. Reciprocity isn’t dead, but it does take work.
  • Concentrate on the consumer. That is, deliver on the promise. If you publish an article about the benefits of “X”, how to “Y”, or the top list of “Z”, then make sure the copy makes good.

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