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Premium Google Plus Features Open to All

premium Google Plus featuresMountain View, California–Now, premium Google Plus features are available to all users on the social platform. Over the course of the next month, all current users on the platform will be able to access all the premium tools; however, new users will have instant access to them.

These new tools are business-centric, and are intended to prove useful to foster quicker communication, as well as give users certain controls. New updates on Google+ and Hangouts will allow Apps users to tailor their experience on the network.

About Premium Google Plus Features

These tools give businesses, which use Google Apps, the ability to restrict communities, as well as posts, from outside their own organization. In addition, companies can restrict Hangouts On Air, make correction in ages entered wrongly, control third-party apps’ abilities to access G+ API, and see the users in a business which have personal Plus profiles.

For employees, there are also new tools available, which include: community and individual post default sharing overriding, changing discoverability settings, making Hangouts video calls private, and joining Hangouts by their names without joining under their personal names.

“So the next time you need to quickly chat with a colleague or hash out a decision, you can just jump into a Hangout with one click from Calendar or an email invitation,” Michael Cai, a Google product manager, wrote on the company’s enterprise blog.

Google Plus has been growing its active users and is now a parity with Twitter in the amount of monthly log-ins. The social network remains one of the most used, but lacks far behind giant Facebook. However, in consumer interaction on Google Plus is the same as it is on the largest social network, and both outpace Twitter by twice as much engagement.

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