January 13, 2022

Will QDF Content Improve My Site’s Organic Ranking?

Query Deserve FreshnessQDF or Query Deserves Freshness is one of Google’s 200+ ranking signals. It can help a site rank higher organically in search. But it may not help your site. That’s because the algorithm is designed to put emphasis on “news” that’s breaking or being updated.

However, if in your particular niche you are publishing something that’s not yet been introduced, theoretically, it could show up first in organic search results. The trick is to write content that really gets things going–not just writing something that’s “new”, because new isn’t necessarily fresh–at least in the eyes of search query returns.

Query Deserves Freshness Explained

The mystery of QDF can be explained by simply following a common occurrence on the internet. Let’s take for example a blogger who writes about Widget X being developed by some company. That in itself isn’t QDF material. But then another blogger picks up on Widget X and writes about it, and then another blogger. Though Widget X is getting some traction, it’s still not QDF material.

The ability to determine the relative freshness of Web page content is required in order for search engines to return search results with the most up-to-date information possible. Prior to the recent introduction of a freshness score by Google, there were no reliable methods to distinguish fresh pages from older ones. —Bruce Clay

However, Widget X is introduced to the market a few months later with a bit of fan fare. Now, all kinds of buzz surrounds Widget X. Not only is it being blogged about more and more, social media is giving it lots of attention. What’s more, there are tons of people are typing in search queries to find information about Widget X through Bing and Google. Plus, the company itself is releasing information about its newfangled product.

The search engines take notice of this upwardly trending activity and assign it a QDF value. The product, Widget X, has now become worthy of a query deserves freshness label because of all the momentum it’s gaining.

How QDF Can Help a Site Rank Higher Organically

When people search the internet, they do so in three basic ways: navigational, informational, and transactional. Navigational is to find something specific, like Widget X. Informational is a query to find out how to do something or the latest about something. And transactional is a search to find a service or product to purchase.

To generate QDF type searches, you’ll have to follow the above example. And while the task may seem to be too difficult, it can be done, though it certainly isn’t easy.

  • Begin planting the seeds of something big. No matter your industry or niche therein, new developments occur. Get in on the ground floor and start spreading the word.
  • Stay in the game. Keep at it, updating your readers every so often. Try to hold back information, if possible and let it dribble out bit by bit to keep interest piqued.
  • Encourage others to join in the discussion. The more people you have joining in, the better. You want increasing momentum to get more and more exposure.
  • Spread the information over different places. Use social media and other cyber properties to release new updates and don’t repeat what’s already been put out there.

With a lot of dedication and a little bit of luck, you can produce QDF material. While it won’t likely happen overnight, it can come about if it’s worth other people’s time and attention.

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