September 16, 2022
real estate blog content topic ideas

Real Estate Blog Content Topic Ideas


Here are some inspiring real estate blog content topic ideas…

real estate blog content topic ideasThe real estate industry is one that requires a lot of strategic marketing to get more business, referrals and listings. You need to develop a network and be seen as an expert on many facets. Several years ago, it was enough to have a website with local property listings, but today, a site must be active to be effective; that’s what blogging does for many companies and can do for your real estate business. Aside from big search engine optimization benefits, blogging is a powerful marketing tool because 60 percent of all American consumers read blogs at least once per month. Moreover, 46 percent of all consumers read blogs daily. 

Small businesses that blog get 126 percent more lead growth than small businesses that do not. In addition, 81 percent of small business owners believe blogging is a critical marketing tool, according to a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Report.  As a form of effective content marketing, blog articles with images get 94 percent more views, which also helps to spread your brand to a larger audience on social media.

Real Estate Blog Content Topic Ideas

When a real estate business provides useful, actionable content in its service locality, it can be a valuable resource for buyers, sellers, and property investors. It must do so on a regular, consistent basis to get the best results possible and when there’s not enough time, custom and holistic content is simple to outsource

…blogging is the most bang for the marketing buck on a limited budget. Regular blog posts, spread through your social media networks, provide the content that gets you inbound links— necessary for SEO. Blogging causes your web site to change, which causes the spiders to crawl it again to note the changes. It will get you more traffic, and more links. —Fast Company

There’s a lot that goes into buying and selling homes and people have questions. Buyers and sellers want information on-demand and providing it makes a real estate business a go-to, trusted source. The most effective content is niche because it goes directly into the needed details. It not only makes for solid long tail keyword search queries, it also grabs the attention of buyers and sellers. If you’re wondering what to blog about, here are some real estate blog content topic ideas you can use for your business’ site:

  • Buying titles and topics. There’s no question buying real estate is a complex and sometimes confusing process; so, answer specific questions and provide insight. (Examples: “How to Get an Earnest Money Deposit Back” and “Can I Rescind a Home Purchase Offer?”)
  • Selling titles and topics. Sellers no-doubt have many questions and when they need information on particular subjects, will search for it. Give sellers answers to different scenarios. (Examples: “What are the [Insert State] Home Seller Disclosure Rules?” and “Is a Pre-Listing Inspection Worth the Cost?”)
  • Moving titles and topics. No one likes to move, but, it’s definitely part of the buying and selling process. It’s a great way to position your real estate business as a comprehensive and savvy industry expert. (Examples: “How to Make Money for Moving” and “What’s the Biggest Moving Expense?”)
  • Home improvement titles and topics. Both sellers and buyers will likely want good information about home improvements for various reasons and you can provide it on your real estate blog. (Examples: “How to Design a Custom Home Office,” and “Which Home Improvements have the Best ROI?”)
  • Insurance titles and topics. Insurance is confusing and complex, there’s no question about it. Your real estate business can offer explanations to generate more leads. (Examples: “How to Drop Private Mortgage Insurance” and “Ways to Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Premium Cost.”)

Real estate professionals with an active blog can provide valuable information for buyers and sellers. It’s a simple marketing tool to increase leads and it’s easy to get high quality content to publish and share.

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