September 16, 2022
steps to get more blog readers

Simple Steps to Get More Blog Readers


Follow these simple steps to get more blog readers…

steps to get more blog readersTo generate business online, companies need to regularly publish and share new, useful content. Blogging is the single most cost-effective way to attract new business as consumers search for information about products and services.

Maintaining a blog is a necessity because search engines only re-crawl sites when new content is published, increasing their organic rank and reach. If a site does not routinely publish new content, it is not re-crawled and it’s organic rank falls precipitously where it won’t be found by consumers searching for information about products and services.

Blogging makes a site dynamic, and, companies that use inbound marketing  save more than $14 for each new customer acquired. In fact, when a business adopts an inbound strategy, publishing and sharing new content regularly, it doubles average website conversion rates from 6 percent to 12 percent. Inbound marketing also delivers an impressive 54 percent more leads than interrupt advertising. If your business website is going to be an effective marketing tool, you need to take simple steps to get more blog readers.

Simple Steps to Get More Blog Readers

Social media and blogs are immensely powerful, reaching an astounding 8 out of 10 internet users in the United States, and, these account for 23 percent of all time spent online. Businesses that create just 15 blog posts monthly average 1,200 leads per month and companies that prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive return on investment. What’s more, a full 82 percent of companies that blog receive an effective ROI.

…for everyone from lone individuals to small business owners to chief executives, writing a successful blog is about getting the word out there and actually being seen by people–and that means serving readers, not bombarding them with marketing material. The most significant way to develop a loyal online following is by creating useful content that readers will consume and share. —

When you create and promote holistic, informative content, it not only helps search engine optimization, but also, creates a more favorable impression of your company with consumers. While it takes time to build an audience, you can do so by creating a niche and supplying inside information through tips, tricks, and how-to tutorials. Follow these simple steps to get more blog readers:

  • Determine your target audience. It isn’t a mysterious or difficult process to determine your business’ target audience. The people you’re publishing content for are the very same consumers who search for information about the products and services you offer. The content should be clear and provide actionable information that’s directly about your services and products.
  • Write compelling content to publish. Compelling content interests readers and entices them to share it with others. It can be in the way a subject is presented, the style, and/or various reasons, benefits, pros and cons of what your business offers. Any insight you provide will be regarded as valuable and as a result, your audience will grow.
  • Share all your blog posts strategically. It’s not enough to share your blog posts on social media once because the audience will change. To reach more readers, you can share your blog articles on social media more than once. In addition, you can take key points and share those on social media as stand-alone content that’s useful (i.e. statistics, percentages, facts, et cetera).
  • Publish original content on different platforms. Though your business blog will be your primary publishing channel, it shouldn’t be the only one. Create content and publish it on different platforms such as social sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus. Other platforms include industry sites which share the interests of your own audience.
  • Promote your content through various mediums. While social media is a necessity, it isn’t the only medium to spread the word. You can also use email and newsletter formats to promote your blog. If possible, create videos, and publish them with complete transcripts on YouTube.

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To generate more business online, companies need to regularly publish new, useful content.
Blogging is the single most cost-effective way to attract new customers
as consumers search for information about products and services.
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Static versus Dynamic Websites

Video Transcript: In today’s business to consumer environment, a website is an essential marketing tool.

However, a static site is a lonely site because when new content isn’t added, search engines don’t re-crawl it and its organic rank falls. So, when consumers search for products and services, they won’t see the company listed on the results page.

Successful companies regularly blog and share on social media. This improves their organic rank so more consumers see their products and services.

Blogging and sharing creates familiarity and establishes trust; so, when people need products or services, it’s these companies they buy from.

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