August 5, 2022

Social Integration with Search Ads Up Revenue 68 Percent

San Francisco, California–The Marin Software company released a white paper entitled, “The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search and Social Advertising,” which reveals that social integration with search ads increases conversions and drives up revenue by 68 percent.

The study found that consumers who clicked on both search and social ads were almost twice as likely to convert compared to consumers who only clicked on search ads.¬†“The impact of a cross-channel touch was even greater when examining social clicks. Users who clicked on both the search and social ads had a click-through rate approximately four and a half times higher than users who only clicked on social ads,” Marin stated in its paper.

Social Integration with Search Ads Demonstrate Powerful Marketing

Consumers also spent more money when clicking on both social and search ads, with twice as much revenue per click, “Multi-channel touch points are even more valuable for social advertising.¬†Users who clicked on both a search and social ads contributed four times more revenue per click than users who clicked on a social ad only,” Marin reported.

According to Marin Software, search campaigns which were run alongside social campaigns achieved 26 percent more in revenue per click than search ads run alone. Additionally, the integration of the two channels yielded 68 percent more revenue per conversion.

The software maker states in its white paper that marketers who take a multi-channel approach are focusing on customers rather than mediums, “For example, a channel-focused approach is mainly concerned with the right keywords, the right targeting settings and the best bids,” the company states. It contrasts this approach with targeting the right audience across different channels, which it found to be more effective.

social integration with search ads
Credit: Search Engine Watch

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