July 4, 2022

Social Media Content: Effective Strategies

social media contentSocial media content can be a great source of marketing. But it can also be used in such a way as to isolate would-be consumers and others who would otherwise join a network. Like with anything else in business, there’s a tendency to over-analyze, over-plan, and go into a scientific-like social media content strategy that misses the whole point.

That “point” is, companies can’t simply rely on data-constructed things like a social media content calendar template or put all of their efforts into some social media content management software. What good social engagement is, is well, social. It’s not about trying to leverage out gain, but more about getting to your customers and people you do business with on a personal level.

Social Networking Advantages

Sure, you can hire a social media content manager, who will then spend hours doing a social media content analysis specific to your business. But in the end, what does that get you? Perhaps a stodgy, stick-to-it social media content calendar that dictates when and how to engage.

The bottom line is, while it’s true that you ought to have a social media content plan, it doesn’t have to be perfectly regimented because that’s not how people use these networks.

Social media users want to relate to you. There is no need to spend piles of money to design a flawless Twitter presence. Talk to [people] as if they were your friends, and pretty soon they will be. –Bit Rebels

What you should be doing is creating great content that naturally gets shared. And the more social engagement it gets from others, the more links you earn. And that’s not only good for your search engine optimization, it’s good for your public image and for your team. Connect in a way that’s more personable and you’ll avoid things like robotic, nonsensical phraseology that spits out something like “user generated content social media“. 

Social Media Content Management

Social media content creation really begins organically. That is to say, it starts when you add value, get involved in a conversation or help to spread awareness. The best content for social media is your own take on something involving your industry, your location or your interests. To that end you can:

  • Communicate openly and in concert. When you publish new copy and want to share it, do so as part of a conversation. And use the language your audience is using.
  • Use social media to help people connect without barriers. You might have customers who want to reach you but doesn’t want to go through an elaborate phone tree. They’ve found some answers on your site, but have specific questions. Social networks are a great resource for this type of communication.
  • Create something for nothing. Content that informs and is in plain English gets a lot more attention than esoteric jargon. If you really want your stuff to circulate throughout the social sphere, give people bit of information at no cost.

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