May 20, 2022
five best content types for marketing

The 5 Best Content Types for Marketing


five best content types for marketingNot all content performs the same. Some makes for enthusiastic sharing, while others are duds. Regardless of your industry, your business needs great content. Companies — particularly small businesses — make a number of the same mistakes. These include creating content that’s too personalized, filled with insider jargon, and, without ebb-and-flow.

No matter what your business is, it can benefit from content marketing. This is the process of creating something and sharing it on social media, via email, and, through syndication. It can also include creating content for a specific site. The purpose, of course, is to generate brand awareness for more traffic and increased conversions.

The 5 Best Content Types for Marketing

A recent study conducted by Searchmeterics found that content is indeed king. It continues to increase in value, while keywords are becoming obsolete and backlinks are losing value. The reason for this is because both of the latter can be manipulated, whereas performance content cannot be anything other than holistic and relevant.

Every search marketer knows that a good SEO strategy rests on the strength of its content. In the past that has meant a compelling article, likeable image, or viral video, but in the future there may be other types of content to consider. Savvy brands will keep an eye on the following five emerging content types to determine when it makes sense to integrate these new formats into their existing search campaign. —Search Engine Watch

Another huge factor is that more and more searches are spoken, rather than typed or tapped. People speak naturally, but, type and tap in a more succinct way. In addition to this phenomenon, social media use continues to rise in use. Many consumers get their news, information, and social engagement from these sharing properties. In order to attract more attention to your brand, use the five best content types for marketing your business:

  1. Lists. Whether bullet points or numbered, list posts are loved by consumers. These are easy to navigate, and, the heart of the information is in a scannable section that’s simple to find. Lists are also easier to remember.
  2. Guides. How-to content also makes for wonderful marketing. A step-by-step guide will get read to the very end, and, because of the style, like lists, it’s easy to scan and use by readers.
  3. Infographics. The best of both the image and text worlds combined wields a lot of power. These are also easy to navigate and because of their aesthetics, get shared more often than practically any other content type.
  4. Influencer profiles. A piece on an industry icon will generate a lot of activity within a niche. People like to peek behind-the-scenes and get a look from an entirely different perspective.
  5. Answers. Chances are excellent there’s a problem in your industry that’s just waiting to be solved. Forums once dominated in this type of content, but with the popularity of social media, it’s now quite useful for business blogs.

You’ll have to done a bit of experimenting, but in general, creating a mix of these five content types will help you market your business more effectively.

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