September 15, 2022

The Google+ Dashboard Arrives

The Google+ Dashboard Arrives
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Mountain View, California–The Google+ dashboard has arrived, and, it’s bound to be a welcome addition to businesses large and small. For individuals or companies with a Google Plus page, the dashboard allows them to make several changes without needing to login to their various properties.

The introduction of the new Google+ dashboard comes on the heals of the improvements of Google Now, which is now named Google Search, a Siri-like feature for Android. It also has been developed with the halls of the search engine, even though the company recently acquired Wildfire.

The New Google+ Dashboard

Page owners can now do many things in the Google+ dashboard, which include, but are not limited to: updating company URLs, business hours, and contact information, which saves those changes in Maps, Search, and on Google Plus. In addition to these controls, the dashboard also allow page owners to monitor Plus notifications, share videos and images, assign managers to their pages, and start Hangouts, according to a post by Pavni Diwanji.

What’s more, page owners can view their AdWords Express and Offers campaigns, along with being able to see insights about search queries to their business, the top locations where driving directions are being requested, as well as performance data about their Google Plus profile. Bing also recently introduced new business-oriented features, which include a sitemap plugin, an ads center, and news carousels.

Recent Google Plus and Search Moves

The search engine also announced the shuttering of Buzz, moving user data from the old platform to Drive. It also released a new version of one of its largest algorithms, Penguin 2.0, which targets sites participating in link schemes, and other black hat techniques. Google also has seen a bit of change in its market share. Bing and Yahoo! have gained some ground, but only by trading percentage between the two.

Page owners will likely see more features available in the future, making the Google+ dashboard more powerful and more indispensable.

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