August 9, 2022
The internet is content period

The Internet is Content; Period.


The internet is content periodHere’s why content is king and will remain the most effective marketing medium.

Here are three very important questions to ask: How many times has the most recognizable engineer at Google, Matt Cutts, said in a Webmaster Help video it’s a very sound practice to create a great looking site with “quality content” that people “find useful” and “want to share”?

That advice has been given nearly countless times by Mr. Cutts; and, almost regardless of the question being asked, it’s woven into his answer. Another question is why did Google steadily moving toward 100 percent “keyword not provided”?

Last, but certainly not least, is how many SEOs, marketers, and other authorities have pronounced “link building is dead”. To wit:

“If Link Building Really Is Dead, What Do We Do Now?”
“7 Reasons to Remove “Link Building” from Our Vocabulary”
“Did Hummingbird Eat Link Building?”
““Link Building is Dead:” What Small Businesses Should Know About Links”
“The Death of Link Building and the Rebirth of Link Earning”
“Introducing the New Link Building: Link Earning”
“Is Link Building Dead? 3 Tips For Link Builders Post-Penguin 2.0”

There is one answer to all three questions: content is all the internet is. Articles, whether tutorials, about, or opinion, are content. Video is content. Social media updates are content. Infographics and PDFs, too, are content. When all the marvels of technology are put aside, the internet is a portal to content: current events, discussions, sharing, commenting, interacting; and all of it is content.

The Internet is Content; Period.

The question that is of utmost importance is: if the internet really is nothing more than content, then how does Google qualify which pages to promote in organic search results? The answer is twofold but actually, one in the same: relevance and quality. One can’t exist without the other. Everything written and published has to be relevant to a topic and it must be of high quality.

So, that’s the reason Mr. Cutts (and his multiple predecessors) put a very repetitive emphasis on “quality content”. The same advice is given time and again because that is what is most important to people; hence, it’s the most important thing to Google.

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