April 9, 2021
Twitter algorithm

Twitter Algorithm Changing Soon

Twitter algorithmSan Francisco, California–The Twitter algorithm is about to change; but, the microblogs users aren’t welcoming the news with open arms. Said changes include a Facebook style, curated news feed, that will soon be launched and will serve as the new interface.

The move comes in an attempt to broaden the network’s user base, “Twitter’s timeline is organized in reverse chronological order, but this isn’t the most relevant experience for a user. Putting that content in front of the person at that moment in time is a way to organize that content better,” explained Antony Noto, the company’s CFO.

The transformation is to attract more users, as the current platform of the social site best serves news junkies, journalists, and marketers. It’s biggest usage comes from users who are dependent on real-time news, something the familiar reverse-chronological feed does well.

Twitter does risk losing veteran users with this strategy, but at the cost of growing into a more mainstream social network. The goal is for the microblog to become more popular with occasional users and impress first-time visitors, as its onboarding experience remains lacking.

What the Twitter Algorithm Change Means for Businesses

For the business community using the social media channel, the risk is having their content buried where it cannot be seen, unless, money is placed in ad buys. With companies already aggressively competing for positioning in an ever crowded online space, Twitter is making a strategic pivot toward the modeling currently used by Google and Facebook. Those two entities reward content based on ad engagement; and now, it appears the microblog will do the same.

What this means is gimmick marketing tricks like click baiting, a tactic just banned by Facebook, will not help companies promote their brands. Instead, focus will have to be placed on blogging, providing their audience with relevant, useful information, advice commonly given by Google.

Twitter is in the early stages of testing a buy button and recently debuted promoted video.

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