January 18, 2022

Twitter Analytics Now Free For All Users

Twitter Analytics Free For All Users
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San Francisco, CaliforniaTwitter analytics are now free to all users. Thus far, for ordinary users to track tweets which have been favored, the number of users which have replied to a tweet, and the number of retweets a user’s tweet has gotten, have had to rely on constantly monitoring their interactions.

Only advertisers have been privy to such information, and the microblog just stepped-up its ad power by announcing it would include retargeting going forward

But even the most savvy users wouldn’t necessarily be able to turn those into actual Twitter analytics because there was no way to catch every possible interaction and quantify it’s impact and reach in relation to other interactions. That’s now changed and all users have free Twitter analytics access.

Twitter Analytics Tools

The Twitter analytics dashboard can be seen by going to ads.twitter.com and logging in with a username and password. After the home page populates, users will see an option to begin advertising. In the top left of the horizontal menu bar are two links: Home and Analytics. A mouse click on Analytics will display two options: Timeline Activity and Followers.

By clicking on Timeline Activity, users will be taken to the Twitter analytics dashboard. On the following page, users will see a color-coordinated chart, displaying all activity by default. There only a few Twitter analytics tools, but enough to make the feature quite useful. 

Both Twitter and Facebook have been trying to lure more advertisers, but this has proven difficult, as their user base shifts demographically.

Analytics for Twitter

The dashboard gives users pertinent information about their interactions, which include Mentions, Follows, Unfollows displayed in 6-hour increments, set to Pacific time. Options for the Twitter analytics data are being able to see activity broken down into three levels: All, Good, and Best. Users will likewise see on the right side of their dashboard chart the number of Faves, Retweets, and Replies. There is also an option to download all the data to a CSV file.

It seems the social microblog is using this free Twitter analytics access to entice more businesses, which aren’t currently advertising, to signing up for an ad campaign. Facebook and Twitter have also been rumored to be working on offering video advertising.

Recently, Twitter purchased Ubalo, in an effort to speed up its backend to make the whole site work more quickly for users.

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