September 15, 2022
Twitter buy button

Twitter Buy Button Goes Live

Twitter buy button
Credit: Twitter

San Francisco, California–There’s a new way to make a purchase on the largest social microblog. The Twitter buy button is being tested across the 140 character limit platform. Yesterday, on its official blog, the company announced it is introducing an on-site purchase button contained in certain tweets.

The new feature will allow social media users to purchase a product with only a few clicks. Once a user taps on the buy button, more information will populate about its details. A prompt will also appear, for inputting shipping and payment information. The company states it will encrypt all data and store it safely so future purchases will be seamless.

What’s unique about this purchase tool is only exclusive products are available through this channel and cannot be found anywhere else. It gives sellers the opportunity to connect directly with consumers and drive-up sales conversions.

The Twitter Buy Button a First Step in Monetization

Twitter, like Facebook, generates the majority of its revenue from ad buys. However, the microblog has encountered difficulties in setting prices, leading it to change ad costs more than once.

Mobile ad revenue alone topped $19 billion last year and this year, all e-commerce is expected to reach in excess of $304 billion. In the arena of e-commerce, Amazon and eBay reign supreme and now, social media sites are looking to gain market share. Mobile e-commerce is projected to reach $58.8 billion or account for 19 percent of all internet transactions by the end of this year.

Currently, the tool will not be available to all entities, brands, and people, and is limited to only a few musicians like Keith Urban, Pharell, and Megadeth. There are non-profits which are using the buy button and retailers Home Depot and Burberry round-out the mix.

A video demonstrating the new feature is available below.


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