November 28, 2021
Twitter Conversations

Twitter Conversations Get a New Look

Twitter ConversationsSan Francisco, California–Twitter conversations have just become a little bit easier to follow, or more confusing, depending on the user’s familiarity with the microblogging platform. In an ongoing effort to make the social network more user-friendly, the company has rolled-out an update for its mobile apps and for its desktop interface.

The move comes as more buzz surrounds its IPO ambitions, something that rival Facebook has already leapt into. It also follows and ongoing progression of becoming more like other social platforms. In the past several months, nearly all of the most trafficked social networks have borrowed features from one another, Twitter included.

Twitter Conversations Now Grouped

In the past, Twitter conversations were somewhat difficult to follow, but now, they are being grouped. When a user sends out a tweet and others respond, the first tweet in the conversation will appear at the top, followed by the last two responses in the same conversation, all connected with a vertical blue line between the users’ profile image.

The update began around 4 pm EST, after the microblog announced the new feature in a blog post, “Today we’re updating our iPhone and Android apps, as well as, to make it easier to discover and follow conversations in your home timeline. From buzz about the VMAs to debates around upcoming football games, people come to Twitter to take part in these real-time, global, public conversations.”

Though there are just three tweets per grouped conversation which display by default, users can see the entirety of comments by tapping on “more replies”. Users can now flag posts as inappropriate or spam directly from the mobile app or desktop interface. In addition, the new mobile app has been halved in size, saving valuable storage space.

Keeping Up with the Trends

As new features come online from each of the social networks, the lines which distinguish one from another blur. Following trends often times means giving users what they’re wanting most. For instance, when Twitter acquired Vine, Facebook responded with Instagram video and updated its platform for hashtags. Twitter has made other recent changes, including disallowing auto-follow back apps, made its analytics available to all users, and launched a two-step security feature.

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