September 17, 2022

Twitter Facebook Demographic Shift

Twitter Facebook Demographic Shift
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The Internet–The Twitter Facebook tug-of-war for users is taking another seismic turn. Teenagers are the largest demographic leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s site and going over to the 140 character microblog. That cements a trend that’s been happening for some time, as teens regard Facebook as passe and not cool.

What’s more, it seems that the Twitter Facebook battle isn’t just confined to the two social media platforms. Teens are also opting to use Instagram more, which is owned by Facebook, and sites like Tumblr, which was just acquired by Yahoo.

Sizing Up the Twitter Facebook User Base

It certainly isn’t all bad news for Facebook, considering that 94 percent of online teenagers state they have an active profile. And 81 percent of teens use Facebook more often than other social networks. On the other digital side, one in four teens has a Twitter handle and that’s up by 16 percent from 2011. That figure surpasses the number of adults on the microblog, which is 16 percent, according to new research conducted by the Pew Research Center and the Havard based Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Just 7 percent of teens state they most often use Twitter, with 3 percent saying they most often use Instagram, which just added new photo tagging features and only 1 percent stating that Tumblr is their favorite choice.

The Twitter Facebook Similarities

Despite preferences for platforms, teens are more and more active on social media. But that phenomenon is alarming considering what they’re posting.

Privacy concerns are a dichotomy among teenage social media users. That demographic routinely posts photos of themselves, along with personal information such as the school they attend, their email address, the name of the town in which they live, and even phone numbers. Yet, only 9 percent of teens say they’re concerned about how that information is used for targeted advertising.

Though the Twitter Facebook fight for users continues, it’s clear that both have a robust and growing company. Though recently, it’s been reported that Facebook earnings have been met with skepticism, and that it has suffered the exit of millions of users in several countries.

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