September 30, 2022
social media demographics

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Demographics

social media demographicsNew York, New York–JPMorgan analyst Doug Anmuth looked into the demographics of the three social platforms to find which appeal to certain users. Mr. Anmuth found that Twitter was most used by youth, while LinkedIn appeals to older users. Facebook users ran the gambit, with a wider user base.

The figures reveal that each social network has a variety of age groups using their services, however, the core group were distinct on Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook was the only social portal to capture a truly diverse group of users, according to the analysis.

The Demographics of Social Media

While microblog Twitter has users in practically every age group in the United States, the social site’s core user base is comprised of ages 13 to 44, with the largest percentage being 25 to 34 years of age. Another considerable percentage, about 10 percent, are ages 13 to 17, while 18.2 percent are 18 to 24 year old users.

LinkedIn, the business-centric social networking platform, by contrast, had older users in the US, ranging in age from 45 and 54, with only 9.6 percent aged 18 to 24.

In the United States, Facebook users aged 25 to 34 made up 19 percent, while ages 34 through 44 as well as ages 45 to 54 each accounted for 17 percent.

A Snapshot of Social Network and Internet Users

In addition to social media, Mr. Anmuth looked at US internet users, finding people between the ages of 45 and 54 account for the largest percentage of internet users at 15.8 percent. Social users in the US making up the biggest percentage were ages 25 and 34, at 16.9 percent.

Such information proves valuable to marketers, who routinely develop campaigns to appeal to specific population segments. A recent study revealed that coupling Facebook ads with paid search marketing boosted returns by 30 percent.

In addition, it’s been established that users on one social site come and go, making it difficult to target certain audiences. Twitter recently went public, and is dealing with its largest problem, fake accounts. There are currently more than 1 billion users on Facebook, over 540 million on Google+, and about 230 million on Twitter, while LinkedIn has about 259 million active users.

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