August 4, 2022
Twitter Onboarding Experience

Twitter Onboarding Experience Still Lacking

San Francisco, California–The Twitter onboarding experience is lacking, according to Misiek Piskorski, author of the new book “A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media.” The author warns that if the microblog does not make significant changes to welcome new users, it runs the risk of becoming the next AOL, a company which continues to struggle for audience and users.

Since its IPO debut, Twitter stock has performed poorly, and shares are down a whopping 55 percent from their all-time high of $75, currently coming in at a decrease of 46 percent in year-to-date figures. Facebook shares, however, are up 15 percent, clearly demonstrating the 140 character-limit social network has to implement changes.

Piskorski states that his research reveals the majority of people who try the microblog for the first time send just one tweet, and do not continue to engage with the platform because there’s no real onboarding experience.

Implementing a Twitter Onboarding Experience

One suggestion the author makes is that new users ought to be met with a few questions as well as recommendations of groups to join and topics to follow. Another avenue of exploration for the social site is having a strategy for enticing new users overseas, such as India and China. Facebook made that move some time ago and currently has an estimated 250 million users in India, the total number of Twitter users.

Twitter has yet to turn a profit and needs to implement changes in order to become a financially viable entity. The company is changing its ad offerings, which beta testing began in┬álate April of this year. The platform’s advertising rates have fallen, which is an indication that it has yet to find a stable price to attract marketers.

The microblog most recent change is to user profiles, which mimic Facebook. LinkedIn is switching its premium profiles over to the same type of design, a trend that favors putting images front and center rather than text.

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