August 5, 2022

Website Content for Post Panda, Penguin Updates

website-content-post-panda-penguinWebsite content continues to be the main focus behind the Google updates known as Panda and Penguin. Bascially, Google as well as Bing are telling site owners and web developers to go back to on-page SEO fundamentals. Deliver on the title’s promise on each page, in each blog post. Visitors expect to see what they have search for, not just a collection of copy and paste, unoriginal, free website content.

And both big search engines are rewarding sites with a cohesive and up-to-date web content development strategy even more. Google and Bing are reiterating it’s quality, worthwhile web site content which will out rank sites that only use old-style elements.

So again, we see that content for web pages remains king when it comes to search optimization. And incorporating well-thought website content complete with branding and informing will do well in Web 2.0 and into the semantic web. 

Website Content Importance

Whether you hire a team to be your business’ web content provider or you are the sole web content writer for your site, it is important to know just how important website content is now and will likely always be. To understand how crucial it is, think about it from a search portal’s point-of-view.

An Internet user goes to a web search page and types in a query. What that user expects to see is a list of results perfectly on-point with their query. To show up high in the list, a business’ website content has to match that query. This is done with certain on-page SEO elements. And those elements are evolving.

This stuff is not unimportant anymore. It’s not like this has lost all its value. But it’s definitely not the only thing that we need to be thinking about in 2012. —

Basically, what the search engines are asking site owners to do is produce website content with elements that have been used in the past and add a few more things. So keywords in the title tag, headings and throughout the copy are still desirable. Focus should remain on the query the content for web pages are attempting to capture while also conveying a narrative, reassuring visitors the website content is accurate and useful.

Content for Web Pages

web content writer ought to incorporate the traditional optimization formatting but also include some basic marketing concepts. Combine these into your website content and visitors will definitely reward you, as will the search engines.

  • Keywords must be present but don’t just repeat one single phrase. Use latent semantic indexing or synonyms as well.
  • Don’t purchase a domain stuffed with keywords. Instead, try to incorporate one keyword or phrase into a brandable name.
  • Keep adding stuff to your pages. Website content is primarily text, but images and videos certainly help SEO.
  • Don’t try to lure visitors with similar products. If someone types a certain term into a search portal, your site should deliver on that term and not simply “bait” the visitor into viewing a page with similar but not the same items.
If these necessities seem overwhelming, we can be your dedicated, cutting-edge web content writer. Simply contact us by email or phone and you’ll soon see why our  web content provider services are so effective.

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