January 18, 2022

WhatsApp Hits a Record High

WhatsApp Hits a Record High
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Santa Clara, CaliforniaWhatsApp, the rising-star of mobile instant messenger apps, has recently notified their Twitter followers that the company has reached a new daily record.

According to their numbers, the tech firm has now processed about 27 billion messages in 24 hours; to be exact, there were 10 billion incoming messages and 17 billion outgoing messages. These numbers are crazy high for the three-year-old company competing with the recent corporate craze over BlackBerry messenger. It can be said that WhatsApp’s numbers do not come as a surprise at this point in the game.

The multi-platform messaging app has had much success in the past year. In fact, it was just last April when Jan Konum, WhatsApp’s CEO, announced the company’s new all-time high record of users at 200 million and growing.

WhatsApp Proves Versatile

Their services are more than just convenient, as it is known that their users not only benefit from an organized stack of what was then scattered messages from several platforms, but they are also said to be saving money in their monthly bill. WhatsApp is not restricted to any device; it does in fact work with all   the major mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and Nokia) unlike BBM.

The reason why so many people are saving money with this application is because it only requires WiFi to work. It does not rely on a specific carrier or device. This is a tremendous advantage, and something that is extremely convenient, for those who travel, and/or have loved ones in another country, where there is a high possibility of mismatched carriers and devices that would most likely prevent communication if not using an application like WhatsApp.

Forging Ahead with Technology

I personally use the app to communicate with my family and friends in Buenos Aires; I, and my family and friends alike, don’t have to worry about anything else besides having a good wifi connection. I don’t have to deal with a big bill at the end of the month any longer and this is good progress.

The company has been active since early 2011, and since, it has not stopped exceeding expectations. It has reached several milestones in its short history, leading to numerous honorable mentions in most tech blogs, magazines and more. If you are interested in the app, or are curious to know more about it, check out their website at www.whatsapp.com

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