August 7, 2022

Writing for Social Media

writing-for-social-mediaWriting for social media takes more than just an account and keyboard. It takes a well thought-out plan and purpose. Branding, visibility and establishing a tone are all important. And writing for social media can do all those things–if done properly.

But like any other type of marketing, writing for social media has to be focused, balanced and genuine  Without those elements, there won’t be much reason or payoff in writing for social media. And knowing that writing for social media is one part copywriting, one part communication tool. Striking balance is key to success.

Writing for Social Media Smartly & Productively

Start with a plan. Social media might seem like a shotgun shoot, with posts, tweets and updates going in every direction. But it’s actually compartmentalized. And finding the right place, the right niche is absolutely essential. That means scoping out the lay of the land before jumping into the mix. Take some time to get a feel for certain corners, then make a decision to which fits best. This will make writing for social media feel more natural.

Rules in Writing for Social Media

In order to be worthwhile, following some “rules” in writing for social media is a great way to make an impression, get out your message and not become a turnoff. Think about it as going to a cocktail party–you want to socialize but not embarrass yourself or ruin a networking opportunity.

  • Know your target audience and play to it. After becoming familiar with various groups/categories, then it’s time to blend in with the crowd, so-to-speak.
  • Use plain language. It might look cool to use terms like “latent semantic indexing”, but will only cause confusion for those not familiar with the nomenclature. What’s more, it seems aloof.
  • Stay in the conversation. Don’t start a topic or jump into a discussion then abruptly drop out. Contribute accordingly without hijacking it.
  • Don’t overdo it. This is obvious going in but once engaged, it’s easy to go overboard. Moderation is important.
  • Be socialableWriting for social media means being socialable. Put boring, corporate speak aside and make it personable.
  • Keep it short and simple. Rambling just doesn’t cut it when writing for social media. Get your point across concisely and clearly.
Practice will also be very beneficial. And don’t be afraid to copy what works when writing for social media. If you see someone else with a sizable following, learn and leverage their angle.

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