December 3, 2020

Yahoo: AltaVista to Sunset

Yahoo: AltaVista to Sunset
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Sunnyvale, California–Once competitors, Yahoo AltaVista became part of one entity in 2003, when the tech company purchased the search engine.

In a series of moves to better user experience and lighten the load, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, is executing a page from the playbook of her former employer, Google. That search engine too has been retiring various properties and just announced its external keyword tool would likewise be going away in the coming months. It will morph into a new feature, called Keyword Planner thereafter and only be available to AdWords account holders.

The Yahoo AltaVista Courtship

Launched in December of 1995, AltaVista was one of the first search engines on the internet, at a time relatively few webpages existed. Its first incarnation was that of a subdomain,, and readily became a success. On its first day debut, AltaVista recorded 300,000 hits, which grew to 80 million per diem hits only two years later.

In addition, the search engine earned approximately $50 million in sponsorship revenue, and by 1998, it entered an exclusive agreement with Yahoo to process all that fledgling tech company’s search queries. The search engine was eventually purchased by Overture Services in February of 2003, which in turn, was purchased by Yahoo in July of the same year.

Yahoo most recently acquired Tumblr, and the news app, Summly. Ironically, like AltaVista, Yahoo is in an agreement with Bing to process its search queries, an agreement the CEO Marissa Mayer, wants to dissolve.

Yahoo Shuttering Other Properties

Yahoo is shutting down other services it owns, according to a report by TechCrunch. Over the past several months, the tech company has been going through a series of overhauls to various features.

Yahoo just introduced stream ads, and, it also has made improvements to its news page, allowing users to personalize the content. More is on the horizon, as it struggles to gain its own market share, which currently holds a pattern of shifts between it and Bing.

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