June 23, 2022

Yahoo, Bing, Fail to Gain Market Share

Yahoo, Bing, Fail to Gain Market Share
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Sunnyvale, California–The Yahoo, Bing network continues to cannibalize itself, in search query market share.

Google remains the dominant portal for search, while Yahoo and Bing periodically make gains against each other, failing to gain on the world’s largest search engine.

In the latest statistics available, the Bing vs Yahoo dynamic shows that the Microsoft property climbed to 17.9 percent in June, with the venerable tech company dropping in search market share to 11.4 percent, according to comScore. Ironically, this is despite the fact that Yahoo, powered by Bing, was once the most trafficked search portal on the web.

The Yahoo, Bing Struggle Continues to Take Its Toll

In late July of 2009, the Yahoo, Bing merger was finalized, in an effort to take away significant market share from then just year-old Google.

However, the Bing, Yahoo combination has continually fell short, and Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, has showed public interest in breaking off the ten year agreement, “One of the points of the alliance is that we collectively want to grow share rather than just trading share with each other.”

Amid this poor performance in search, Yahoo has made a number of moves in order to improve its bottom line. Among them are the acquisition of Qwiki, a social image sharing app, its purchase of Tumblr, and it recently bought Admovate, a mobile and tech startup.

Google, Bing and Yahoo by the Numbers

The percentage of Bing’s growth in the June report, shows it was exactly as the same percentage lost by Yahoo, meaning though Yahoo uses Bing, the Microsoft property is currently leveraging an advantage. Bing and Yahoo gained and lost 0.5 in market share respectively, while Google maintained its market share of 66.7 percent, according to the comScore study.

Other search portals also held steady. Both Ask and AOL continued to maintain their market shares, with Ask accounting for 2.7 percent and AOL 1.3 percent. However, both Ask and AOL are down in year-over-year comparisons.

Though locked in a partnership, it seems the Bing vs Yahoo market share fight continues at their own collective expense.

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