January 27, 2022

Yahoo News Gets Personalized

Yahoo News Gets Personalized
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Sunnyvale, CaliforniaYahoo News is getting more personal with its readers. In a continuing effort to make its various online publications more user friendly, the tech company has redesigned its news page.

Yahoo News is now more modern, and provides a sense of consistency across the tech company’s several brands. It has the ability to “learn” user behaviors, for those who sign in with their account. The change is much like Google Now, and is another type of mimicking of the world’s largest search platform.

The New Yahoo News

With the new changes, users can customize the Yahoo News stream, and the company says news articles will load faster. What’s more, articles will be front-and-center on the main page, with Yahoo news headlines in prominent position. Mobile users will also notice a change for the better, with scrolling images, complete with summaries.

The redesign is intended to provide “a more personal, intuitive and modern design,” the company wrote on a Tumblr blog post, a platform that Yahoo just recently acquired. Changes will be rolling out to US users in the next few days, and more improvements on the Yahoo news home page are in the works.

Yahoo Explores More Options

The tech company has ventured into more avenues recently, making news when its CEO, Marissa Mayer, stated the company was interested in parting ways with Bing, which has a 10 year agreement to handle Yahoo’s search queries.

Yahoo and Bing have made little headway in search market share, basically trading usership between the two search portals and not gaining on Google. Though the partnership has managed to surpass Google in five key search areas.

Yahoo has made bold moves, purchasing the app Summly, and will be making more advancements for Android-powered devices soon. “We are making investments, and we are going to continue to make investments, because that’s what drives growth,” CEO Marissa Mayer said in a shareholder meeting on Tuesday.

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