June 22, 2022

Yahoo Search Share Increases

Credit: comScore

Sunnyvale, California–Yahoo search share is up, according to the latest comScore report. For many months, the tech, media, and search company has placed below 10 percent of market share, even though it continues to partner with Bing to process user queries.

For the month of July, Yahoo garnered an even 10 percent of all search, which represents a gain of 0.2 percent from June. The company processed 1.8 billion queries last month, which also represents a 3 percent increase from June.

The search property’s month-over-month increase bested the industry by a factor of three. There were a total of 18 billion searches in the month of July, a 1 percent increase, comScore reports. Google processed 12.1 billion searches and Bing handled 3.5 billion, bringing the two companies up by 1 percent each.

Bing gained 0.1 percent, bringing it up to 19.3 percent of search market share, while Google actually fell 0.2 percent. However, Big G still holds the top spot at 67.4 percent of search market share.

Yahoo Search Share Up

Yahoo is steadily making gains in other key areas. The company has outperformed Google sites twice, getting more traffic to its digital properties. It also has been making strategic acquisitions to improve its user experience.

Another move is the company’s new emphasis on mobile, responding quickly to the news that mobile search outpaced desktop search in early July, a trend that’s been developing for many months. However, mobile internet browsing still lags behind desktop, but marketers are making a financial bet, putting more dollars into mobile advertising.

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