November 25, 2021
Yahoo Sites Top Google Properties in Traffic

Yahoo Sites Top Google Properties in Traffic

Yahoo Sites Top Google Properties in TrafficSunnyvale, California–Yahoo sites have topped Google owned internet properties for the first time in over two year’s time.

CEO Marissa Mayer’s strategy of redesigning the tech company’s properties have proven, at least for the time being, that it can compete in a market largely dominated by Google.

The figures show that US internet consumers visited more Yahoo websites than Google properties in the month of July. The percentages favored Yahoo site traffic in a 21 percent increase from the same time last year. Yahoo web sites recorded a whopping 196.6 million last month. However, Google likewise saw an increase up to 192.3 million visitors, which includes YouTube traffic.

Revamping the Yahoo Sites Pays Off

The comScore report includes six companies: Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL, and Amazon, but it does not account for search. Rather, direct traffic websites were the only data collected for the survey. Analysts seem to favor Google in traffic for websites through desktop computers, while leaning toward Yahoo for mobile.

More interestingly, the figures do not include Tumblr traffic, a microblogging site that Yahoo acquired for $.1 billion in May of this year. A property which now hosts nearly 109 million blogs and garners 300 million active monthly users, according to a news report published in the Wall Street Journal. The microblog ranked 41st in overall internet traffic, slightly behind Pinterest, which has about 30 million active users.

User Experience the Primary Focus

With their users specifically in mind, Yahoo sites underwent an overhaul. The company credits its increase in site traffic to its redesign of its mail interface and likewise, improvements made to its other properties. It is in these areas where the tech company seems poised to succeed the most. However, in search, it only trades market share with its strategic partner, Microsoft; a partnership Mayer would like to end.

Yahoo has also been working to lure more advertisers, by introducing streaming ads. The company also made gains, along with Bing, in five key search areas in April.


Yahoo Sites Top Google Properties in Traffic
Credit: comScore
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