October 1, 2022

Yahoo Tumblr Take Over

Yahoo Tumblr Take Over
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Yahoo Tumblr are two domains that you don’t often associate. In fact, putting Yahoo Tumblr together is something of an anathema, because the companies are seen as competitors. But that is what’s on the horizon, at least if Yahoo’s CEO,¬†Marissa Meyer, gets her way.

Another bold move by an executive into a term that’s only been a reality for the past 300 days, the Yahoo Tumblr acquisition shows the CEO has lofty aspirations. An effort that follows her ambition to end the Yahoo search agreement with Bing.

Yahoo Tumblr Makes Strange Bedfellows

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, the power purchase, which is reported to be $1.1 billion, would give the tech company an entire new audience and revive it as not only relevant to its industry, but make it hip among the throngs of younger demographics. That is, if it doesn’t ruin the perceived “cool” of Tumblr.

Like other blogging platforms, Tumblr has been testing native ads and Yahoo itself just debuted streaming advertisements. But the¬†microblog and social network website, which has been operating since February of 2007, and hosts in excess of 108 million blogs, is facing a slight decline it its traffic. The trick for Meyer will be to integrate it into the Yahoo family without commercializing it to the extent the Tumblr user base sees it as losing its appeal–the same problem that Facebook is currently wrestling with.

Yahoo Impressing Wall Street and Its Competition

Impressing Wall Street is an ever-present task and Marissa Meyer seems to be doing just that. Under her leadership, the tech company’s share price has risen quite steadily. In fact, its price per share is currently at a comparable level to that of January 2008, when software giant Microsoft made an unexpected offer to buy it, according to the UK Guardian.

Surprisingly, the search portal, in its partnership with Bing, out-performs Google in five key search areas, which apparently demonstrates to Meyer her company can do without the help of Microsoft. The Yahoo Tumblr coupling is just another example of the direction in which Meyer is determined to take her operation.

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