November 2, 2022
Yahoo focusing on mobile

Yahoo Turns Focus to Mobile

Yahoo focusing on mobileSunnyvale, California–Marissa Mayer, CEO of tech company Yahoo, is continuing to rejuvenate the digital business, turning the focus to mobile. Currently, the company has 430 million users each month, which is an increase of 30 percent in year-over-year comparison.

The CEO states the company is working on a new product, Yahoo Premium, along with more work for its digital magazines.

Mayer acknowledges the acquisition of blogging site Tumblr, is a part of a strategy to move her company forward in the world of social. Tumblr hosts approximately 150 million blogs and the average reshare per post occurs 14 times.

Yahoo Working on More than Mobile

Mayer also points out the company is taking a blended approach to its digital magazines content, striking a key balance between partner and packaged. The site once dominated the search market, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, being particularly large in localized results. Yahoo would like to revive that status, bringing it a greater market share in search.

However, it’s ongoing agreement with Bing, which processes all of the site’s search queries, has lead to a recurring phenomenon that only allows it to trade market share, rather than actually grow its percentage. The company is going in an independent direction, with its ending of Facebook and Google log-in credentials and its release of a new ad manager, both of which occurred in March of this year.

The company has shown success with its many platforms, outperforming Google sites, a trend that was particularly noticeable in August through October of last year.

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