September 16, 2022
Yelp Direct Message to Businesses

Yelp Direct Message to Businesses Debuts

Yelp Direct Message to BusinessesSan Francisco, California–Known for being a consumer review site, users now have access to Yelp Direct Message, which allows people to contact businesses directly. The review site, which has in excess of 57 million user opinion posts across 27 countries, has no shortage of information about local businesses. However, until now, there was no way to contact a company through the site.

That inconvenience is now gone, “With more than 57 million local reviews contributed across 27 countries, there’s already a boatload of info people can gather through Yelp on any local business they’re thinking about trying. But we realize there are times when a very specific question might not be easily answered with a quick look at a business listing (and you don’t always feel like picking up the phone to inquire about),” the company wrote on its official blog.

Yelp Direct Message is Message-Centric

The company states that it realizes many consumers would rather type a message rather than phone businesses directly. What’s more, business owners, who’ve claimed their free listing on the site, seem to be enthusiastic about the new feature. One small business owner stated, “This feature is a conversation starter. Responding takes just a few minutes and it almost always leads to further correspondence or a phone conversation. We believe that responding quickly helps to show the client we deeply care about winning their business.”

Instead of picking up your phone or even copying and pasting the company’s phone number, users can now click or tap on “Message the business” link, which is located under the business’ address and phone number. Once a user sends a message, the tool provides an estimated response time.

The feature is now live in many localities and Yelp give businesses owners the ability to disable the feature connected to their company if they would rather take phone calls.

What do you think about the Yelp Direct Message feature? Will you be using it?

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