August 6, 2022
blogging and social media

Blogging and Social Media Equal Good SEO

blogging and social mediaBlogging and social media work wonderfully well together. In fact, that’s how we “SEO” our site, by using a combination of these two, we continually see metrics which clearly show that visitors are finding our site, staying on it for an extended period of time, and, are doing so without link building.

Turns out the best social media blogs have something in common with us, though our primary business is through writing content for other businesses. Visitors find us mainly because we publish news articles regarding our industry at-large. Consequently, we use a social media SEO strategy that’s centered on original, quality content. With a bit of digital sharecropping mixed into our marketing, we gain a larger audience in a completely organic fashion.

The Semantic Angle

For anyone who has ears to hear, there’s something being said time and again, especially by Google. Through its webmaster tools help articles, to Matt Cutts, the search engine’s head of stomping out webspam, it, along with Bing, are embracing the semantic web.

In short, that means blogging and social media are being given a decisive advantage in ranking factors over link building, because both can be tied to a verified profile. Anyone can anonymously spread links across the web, pointing them back to a particular site. But when social media blogs are written by real people, that adds measurable value to the internet.

Users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer because visit-durations follow a negative Weibull distribution. —Nielsen Norman Group

This is why Google keeps rolling out new algorithms, it’s trying to push businesses into creating unique and informative content and then distribute it through social media integration. So, the companies which have active social media campaigns syndicating their blogs see more traffic. Hence, more shares, more leads, and more conversions.

Why Blogging and Social Media Deliver

If you look at the image below, you’ll see just how much a site can get from combining blogging with social sharing. We publish content on a daily basis, but that’s because it’s news. Our informational and how-to articles are published just once a week, however, we remain active socially in between. This is because we follow some simple guidelines and market based on reliable methodologies.

One such practice is treating our blog as a social platform. If you ask us, “is a blog social media?” we’d answer “might as well be”. And, it’s paying off:

  • The average visitor stays on a site less than one minute. According to Nielsen, most visitors don’t even spend a single minute on a website. However, our average TOS or Time On Site hovers between 5 minutes, 30 seconds and 6 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • A site’s bounce rate demonstrates if the content is working. Sites with a bounce rate of 50 percent or more don’t capture their visitors’ attention. But as you can clearly see, our percentage is much lower, only 1.37 percent.
  • Organic  marketing is a substantial piece of the puzzle. If you look at the analytics, you’ll see something’s missing, conspicuous by its absence. We don’t use pay-per-click, or other types of search engine marketing because they’re not organic. That’s why the pie chart doesn’t have a percentage for “Campaigns”. Yet, we’re still being found and our business continually grows through marketing content.

blogging and social media

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