August 4, 2022

Blogging Etiquette: Writing Tips

blogging-etiquette-writing-tipsBlogging etiquette is something everyone should be aware of–especially for those using their site for promotional purposes. There are a ton of writing tips on the Internet which essentially say the same thing.

Typically, these writing tips include advice on keywords and geo-targetingblogging etiquette, offering original and thoughtful content and which are the best venues for guest blogging.

But most people already know that content has to be unique, informative and useful. It’s also widely known that keyword stuffing, link baiting as well as excessive backlinking are no-nos. 

Blogging Etiquette

The best way to display good blogging etiquette is to embrace certain writing tips. Putting aside what’s listed above, as well as minding good spelling and grammar, there’s more to blogging etiquette than the repetitive writing tips offered time and time again.

Sometimes [guest blogging] gets taken to extremes…offering the same blog post multiple times or spinning [a single] blog post and offering it up to multiple outlets…–Matt Cutts, Google’s Chief Webspam Engineer

What needs to be addressed most is what not to do. That is, the unwritten rules of blogging etiquette.

It is these writing tips which will be most advantageous to site owners looking to promote their products and services. Moreover, it helps to establish a level of credibility, translating into being well-versed or an expert on a particular subject.

Writing Tips: What to Avoid

Below are the cardinal sins of guest blogging. Those who follow these writing tips won’t come off as a pariah. Sure, some of these writing tips are common sense, but need to be reitterated.

  1. Don’t be selfish. Here’s the typical advice: write great content that delivers something for free. Then repeat a few times. Thereafter, ask the multitudes of readers to buy something. And surprise! it doesn’t work. Why? Because you’re writing for a large audience but asking for individual favors.
  2. Don’t be lazy. Social media marketing and guest blogging only work when work is put into the effort. But it becomes route and that monotony leads to being lazy and not producing/engaging. That spells trouble because it will essentially negate any previous gains.
  3. Don’t expect overnight results. No matter how many good writing tips you follow, an audience is built with momentum. Months are the norm, not a couple of days.
  4. Don’t copy stylesBlogging etiquette demands originality. Additionally it requires a cacophony of voices. Be unique and you won’t simply blend into the crowd.
  5. Don’t go overboard. Having your own voice is essential but it’s bad blogging etiquette to go overboard and be contrarian only to be provocative.
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