January 12, 2022
business blogging statistics

Business Blogging Statistics Showcase Power

business blogging statisticsIf you’ve not yet seen these business blogging statistics, you might be a little more than surprised at just how effective this marketing technique can be. Small business blogs do far more than just earn links, they actually drive-up traffic and increase sales.

And, when you combine business blogging with being active on different social media websites, it really packs a powerful punch. The reason being is its organic and nicely fits into the holistic platform called the semantic web, which Google and Bing are jumping into with both feet.

Business Blogging Statistics Reveal More about Consumers

What’s ironic is how much these blogging statistics say about consumer behavior, be they individuals or businesses buying something from other businesses.

The figures also reveal that blogging in business for marketing purposes doesn’t “feel” like traditional advertising. Well, that’s because it isn’t. The style is conversational and there’s no need for all the bells and whistles which accompany traditional ad copy.

Blogging, at its core, is about offering something of value to your audience. Whether it’s a great story or useful insight to help your audience solve a common challenge, your aim should be to create content that people want to [read] and share. —Forbes.com

Small business blogs can connect on a personal level. And when they do, readers feel a level of trust, so they tend to make more informed decisions, which of course, leads to making a purchase from the source. What’s more, when tied-in with social media, an increasingly preferred choice for sharing information, the potential to reach an ever expanding audience goes way beyond the reach of any other medium.

What a Small Business Blog can Do

The stats on blogging for a business are downright jaw-dropping. Here are some in a list of scores compiled by Yahoo Small Business:

  • Businesses that regularly blog receive 434 percent more indexed pages over those that do not
  • Companies who are blogging see 126 percent more lead growth than businesses that don’t
  • Businesses with active blogs have 97 percent more backlinks
  • A full 92 percent of companies with a blog report it being a successful marketing tool
  • Custom content is seen as the future of marketing by 78 percent of Chief Marketing Officers
  • Moderate blogging, posting just once to twice a month, generates 70 percent more leads
  • B2B marketers who blog generate an average of 67 percent of leads than their competitors who don’t
  • Of all active business blogs, 57 percent state they acquired at least one customer as a result of blogging
  • Once a company publishes between 21 to 54 articles, traffic increases up to 30 percent
  • Companies which use email marketing with a blog get 2 times as much traffic from their email campaigns than businesses which do not

And that’s just ten stats from nearly fifty which all demonstrate that business blogging is well worth the time and effort.

If your business needs a dedicate blogging service, gives us a call or send over an email; you can also reach us via social media. We can create custom, engaging content visitors will find useful and will share.


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