September 16, 2022
business blogs make money

How Business Blogs Make Money

business blogs make money

Learn about the ways business blogs make money.

Every business owner knows exposure is key to marketing. Unfortunately, television, radio, and print don’t come cheap. Ad buys for these mediums are pricey, not to mention demanding. However, business owners can reach more customers for less money embracing the power of the internet.

Publishing a website will only go so far. In cyberspace, there were 1 billion sites on the world wide web as the year 2013 came to a close, according to a figures compiled by Netcraft. That number, of course, has grown since. To make a dent, a business owner must think outside the box.

Difference Between Blogs and Websites

To the average person, there is little difference between a website and a blog. To the average website designer, there is also little difference as the two are rapidly becoming indistinguishable. But to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, the difference is stark.

A website site is published with static content, meaning the products and service pages businesses offer don’t really change. That’s a bore to search engines whom have already “seen” the site. To them, it’s been there, done that. But a blog is an entirely different matter. Blogs are updated regularly with new content. And search engines love new content. What’s more is blogs, unlike websites, are interactive. Comments made by blog readers get indexed just like the blog posts; what’s more, social share drive traffic and generate interest.

How Business Blogs Make Money

A small business owner might think this information is well and good, but ask how it applies to selling their goods or services. Frankly, it applies when you give stuff away. Not inventory or free services, but the very commodity the internet is based on: information.

Posting on a blog means giving customers information they can use. The more relevant the information, the more credible the source becomes. For instance, if your business offers HVAC services, writing a blog post with tips about troubleshooting a central air conditioning system will give customers real value. What’s more, it is your business new customers will phone when they need the products and services you provide.

Blog Revenue Streams

Blogs can also provide a business with independent revenue streams, just ask Gary Vaynerchuk, small businessman turned marketing guru. Mr Vaynerchuk turned his father’s Springfield, New Jersey, liquor store into an cyber-space monster by launching a video blog in 2006 called Wine Library TV. He simply uploaded videos featuring himself speaking about wine. Wine enthusiasts began to follow Mr. Vaynerchuk’s blog. He averaged 90,000 viewers just two years after its launch.

That means advertisers, and, blog advertisements bring in money.

A small business can make a big impact with the right combination of aesthetics, content and promotion. Using social media to broadcast the latest post is one way to lure customers. The more eyes-on a blog has, the greater its advertising value.

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