August 11, 2022
Can a Blog Increase Business Sales

Can a Blog Increase Business Sales?


Learn how a blog can increase business sales…

Can a Blog Increase Business SalesCan a blog increase business sales? The answer is, “yes,” and, even the Small Business Administration recommends doing so to increase brand awareness, “Being an expert in your field brings credibility, business and referrals. But you’ve got to work at it. It takes more than simply listing your credentials on your website; you need to be out there positioning yourself as a trusted advisor.”

What the SBA is referring to is blogging and the organization gives this advice, precisely because it works. In fact, businesses that actively blog receive 67 percent more leads, gain 97 percent more inbound links, and, are thirteen times more likely to experience a positive return-on-investment. Moreover, HubSpot reports that blogs are the fifth most trusted source of consumer information. These are great statistics because a blog works even when you don’t.

Can a Blog Increase Business Sales?

If you were given the opportunity to drive 55 percent more visitors to your website, and, increase your site’s page indexing by 434 percent, just by giving-up a couple of hours of your time each week, you’d probably jump at the chance. Even if you don’t have the time, quality content is easy to outsource. It’s one of the simplest ways to increase your presence in the community and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. What’s more, when potential customers have questions, they can easily find trustworthy answers right on your proprietary site.

…increased proximity of branded content increases the probability that your brand will gain favor with your target audience. If your organization is willing to develop high quality content and build strategic PR relationships, then your brand can develop propinquity in your marketplace that will develop lead generation and sales online. —

Blogging is a cost-effective marketing investment that allows you to provide current and future customers with valuable information. For localized companies, particularly brick-and-mortar, a regularly updated blog shows pride and interest, and offers the chance to connect with a local business. This is due to a search algorithm, known as Google Pigeon, released in July 2014. It’s specific purpose provides preference to local businesses because nearly 90 percent of mobile users search for local results information, according to Search Engine Land.

How to Improve Business Sales with Content Marketing

Though content marketing is ubiquitous with companies ranging from small to medium-sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, it can easily fail to produce results. The reason usually isn’t due the quality of the content, nor is it because the content isn’t helpful to searchers — it’s due to a lack of consistency.

Search engine optimization is not “set it and forget it.” To be effective, content must be published regularly. This is because of the fact search engines put much emphasis on awarding organic rank to regularly active site. So, can a blog increase business sales? It certainly can do just that, if you do the following:

  • Be consistent. Quitting is the single largest reason blogs and content marketing fail. The second biggest reason blogs fail is inconsistency. If a brand isn’t consistent, it will not succeed in its content marketing. It takes a long term commitment to deliver results and once an audience is built, consistency will grow it larger and larger.  
  • Add value. If you’re not answering questions, breaking down problems, explaining, or providing insight, you’re not valuable. Content marketing is predicated on dissemination, but, it must distribute value. The most often asked questions, periodic scenarios, and least encountered situations are the ones to consistently address and share with your audience. 
  • Show your strengths. You can create a niche and market to a targeted audience that’s enthusiastic to learn more about your particular industry specialties. Your forte should be front and center, giving you a distinct personality. Others with like interests and needs will naturally gravitate as your brand expands. Whatever your good at is your most valuable appeal.
  • Imitate. The top brands in your industry dominate for a reason. Don’t hesitate to emulate and use what clearly works. This will do wonders for your business’ brand when you integrate with your own unique identity.
  • Provide quality content. A common obstacle the most successful brands overcome is ubiquity. The internet is content and people can find the same information from many different sources. Don’t let this become an excuse. Deliver quality content on a consistent basis and it will produce results.

It’s also helpful not to constrain yourself to a list. You probably want to drive more traffic to your site, get more social shares, et cetera. While goals are necessary, without priority, they’re not useful. Put your efforts into crafting and sharing quality content to reach your goals.

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