September 30, 2022
content marketing SEO

What is Content Marketing SEO?

content marketing SEOThe phrase “content marketing” is one that’s relatively new, but its techniques are not. Contrary to popular belief, content marketing does not replace technical search engine optimization, it’s another set of must-have business practices which greatly enhance technical optimization. Those techniques are such things as minimizing site load time, responsive design, and UX or user experience.

Content marketing is an imperative piece of the overall puzzle, because it is what the search engines are outright demanding–great content that visitors like to read and share. Matt Cutts at Google recently said, “For the most part, people care about the quality of the content on a particular page.” That’s not insignificant. What’s more, it’s not only on-site content, it’s off-page content as well. That’s where social media comes into the picture.

Content Marketing SEO

Content marketing SEO is a phrase which just means creating unique, informative material, then sharing it across social media and/or syndicating it so it get shared by others. That content is then revisited in the form of social shares by the originator and it’s again shared by a new audience on social.

…content marketing is not designed to convert leads immediately. The goal is long-term, continuous engagement. Content marketing may take longer to convert leads, but over time, it significantly drives down conversion costs. —

Notice there’s a trend in all of this, which is to say, it supports the point in the nearby quote. All SEO takes time, usually many months, for a site to see a return on investment. Content marketing is a form of optimization, but it’s not technical optimization, it’s more similar to traditional marketing. It places focus on inbound campaigns rather than the opposite; and, it requires a commitment to invest the necessary effort to make it work for a site.

Is Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization?

No, it isn’t, in the technical sense. It is, however, part of SEO because as long as optimization has been around, it’s been dependent on producing new content. Gone are the days of massive link building, link wheels, forum commenting, and keyword stuffing. Now, it’s all about giving consumers something for nothing and doing it in a way that helps to forge a brand and a relationship.

With the introduction of Google’s EMD, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, it’s quite clear that search engines are demanding high-quality content so sites earn links and earn visitors. Manipulative techniques are only a one way path to penalties. Produce usable, original material that generates engagement and do so on a consistent basis and that’s the path to success.

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