August 6, 2022
about us page examples

About Us Page Examples: 5 Must-Haves

about us page examplesAbout us page examples can be very useful guides in crafting content tailored to your business’ message and vision. Studying a sample about us page will also help to uncover certain conventions for how to write an about us page.

It’s likely to see trends. Some good and some, not so good. Like those about us page examples which ramble on about the company. That’s a mistake. Readers approach this page thinking “what can this business do for me?” Readers want to be informed and impressed. They also want to feel as though they’ve found the right place. So, a bit of personal appeal is helpful.

It’s equally helpful to find about us page examples that are Internet friendly. Meaning they’re stylized for the web and are SEO friendly, incorporating good copy, free of spelling and grammar errors

Useful About Us Page Examples

Like good landing pages, the best about us page examples will not only have useful information for visitors but reasons to act. The most powerful about us page examples include language which speaks to a specific audience–it talks directly to its target audience. Also present is more than just facts. A deeper look into the company, sharing values,  the journey the company has been on, how the company has provided solutions for other customers and are written in a natural tone, not generically.

Check your stats: Your About Us page is probably one of the most visited and highest ranked pages on your website. For most small businesses, the About Us page is what most powerfully establishes credibility. —CBS News

Establishing credibility can be done with these elements. But taking it a step further by including photos and of course, contact links. The most persuasive about us page examples will have all of these things. What they won’t contain is stock photos, copy-and-paste testimonials, and over-the-top promises not attainable by any stretch of the imagination. Effective about us page examples come across as genuine and real.

About Us Page Content

Turning out about us page content doesn’t come naturally for many business owners. It’s intimidating to create about us page content that conveys credibility and exudes confidence. Below are 5 absolute must-haves for impressive about us page content:

  1. Tell a story. Don’t churn out an autobiography and don’t just copy and paste your company mantra. Think about a specific time that best demonstrates what your company in all about. Great about us page examples do this with savvy.
  2. List your credentials. Facts are powerful but too many depersonalize about us page content. Sales figures, associations, accomplishments should definitely appear in your about us page content but not be the entirety of the page. In short, tell visitors why they should do business with you.
  3. Publish pictures. Visitors reading an about us page are clearly looking to become familiar with that business. And the best about us page examples typically have real pictures so visitors are introduced to the faces of the business. Plus, pictures enhance the story being told.
  4. Meet visitor expectations. Don’t just list the services you provide. Chances are excellent visitors already have a pretty good idea of what your company does. So expand the narrative, take a moment to humanize your business.
  5. Let visitors know more about you and your company. The most effective about us example pages have links to social media profiles. It’s a way to tell readers more and get in touch with you if something goes awry with your site.
The best about us page content never sounds salesy. Facts and figures impart competence but a business page that personifies a company will work wonders.

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