August 9, 2022

Business Newsletter: Write for Success

business-newsletterA business newsletter is one of the most economical ways to promote and advertise your business. In fact a  well-organized, well-written business newsletter can actually help to generate new interest with existing customers as well as be an advertising tool for new customers.

When a business newsletter includes certain content, it’s nearly assured it will be shared. And like maintaining a blog, a business newsletter can be added to your site. After a few months, it can then be archived to help keep your website maintenance up-to-date.

Business Newsletter Basics

Obviously, you want your business newsletter to inform its readers about current projects, sales promotions, etcetera. But you can also use your business newsletter to help foster a better team environment. Mentioning an oustanding employee generates interest in the tasks at-hand. 

For each section we highlight individuals that went above and beyond the call of duty because it’s important to recognize stellar individuals for all of their hard work. –Janine Popick,

Other business newsletter basics are to include contact information, recent client testimonials, boast about solving a problem and announce any news under way or being introduced in the near future. Also, be consistent in tone, style and format. Speaking of format, changing it up about every six months is another way to regenerate interest in your business newsletter.

How to Write a Business Newsletter

Now, let’s take a look at how to write a business newsletter. Aside from picking a business newsletter template or service, there are some rules about how to write a business newsletter. Here’s a list of what you should include in your business newsletter:

  1. Include a masthead or at least some contact information. It demonstrates availability and helps to establish you are part of the community.
  2. Place a link to your social profiles in your business newsletter. Readers who are interested in learning more might seek more information by visiting the company’s social profiles.
  3. Publish a transcript of an interview you’ve given or featuring one of your clients. If there’s video, be sure to include a link to it. Client interviews will ensure your business newsletter gets circulated to a wider audience.
  4. Speak in plain language and use the second person. This breaks down barriers and creates a sense of intimacy.
  5. Include a few lines or brief description about your most popular products and/or services.
  6. Give some incentive. Free this or that will surely grab attention and help to increase sales.

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