August 3, 2022

Copywriting Services: Bad Writing Signs

Copywriting services are sought by thousands of individuals and businesses every year. Needing a specialist or not having the time to devote make copywriting services necessary.

But in the digital age, it simply isn’t enough for copywriting services to get the syntax, spelling and grammar right–though these are SEO factors. But being well-versed in keywording and geo-targeting and intimately knowing what drives traffic to a website are critical.

Call it an amalgamation of journalism, marketing and search engine optimization. Good copywriting services know how to blend these elements seamlessly and effectively.

Copywriting Services Benefits

Copywriting services can be a great aid to those who don’t possess the skill set of writing content. But poor copywriting services have a negative impact on not only reader experience, but SEO. It comes down to the inclusive fusion of journalism, marketing and optimization. And that has created an entire cottage industry. A cottage industry that has become extraordinarily competitive.

There was an untapped market for providing other businesses with content that’s well-written and entertaining, while helping consumers relate to them on a personal level. —Entrepreneur

So a copywriting services team has to craft content which draws people in on an intimate level with the duality to appeal to a large audience. Big job. And that’s the largest benefit of using professional copywriting services for businesses: attracting a large audience while maintaining personal appeal. If done with the right balance, the result is repeat visitors and ever growing hierarchy in organic search as more and more people link to it.

Bad Copywriting Services Warning Signs

Before hiring a team for your business’ copywriting services needs, here’s some things to look for. Sure, grammar and spelling count for a lot, but those two elements alone will fall short. Below are a few signs of bad copywriting services:

  • The team or writer is not versed in journalism standards and practices. While you may not want your copy to read like a news story, a writer with a background in journalism will know how to format copy and write to inform.
  • The copywriting services company doesn’t have a grip on on-page or off-page SEO. Little or no SEO knowledge means receiving content that isn’t formatted to be search engine friendly.
  • There’s no writing style being followed. Several styles exist in writing. From AP Style, to Chicago Style, to APA and MLA, there should be a style present.
  • The copywriting services team doesn’t have verifiable references and/or no portfolio.
  • There’s a serious lack of research/knowledge in their previous work.

Good copywriting services always do their research. What’s more, they incorporate sourceable material and citations in their content. This conveys instant credibility and assures readers of the copy’s reliability.

To learn more about how we go about providing quality copywriting services, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your vision and make your project a reality.