August 6, 2022

Copywriting Services: What You Shouldn’t Expect

copywriting services Copywriting services can be invaluable to a business. But there are some things you ought not expect from a web copywriter. Here’s a behind the scenes look.

We spoke with individual copywriters about their pet-peeves. Both frank and honest, the answers revealed transgressions clients routinely commit. Some we interviewed were working as an independent freelance copywriter, while others practiced their craft for a copywriting service.

A kind of unspoken etiquette was revealed in the results. Writers were up-front about some of the challenges they regularly face and how clients can be their own enemies–sabotaging their sites unwittingly.

The Need for a Web Copywriter

Professional copywriting is often a necessity. Skills a web copywriter possesses is turning uninteresting or everyday information into something that piques a reader’s curiosity. Some copywriting services are used by SEOs, website designers and marketers. Of course, writers are also hired by businesses building a new site, overhauling an existing site, or just wanting regular content published.

Typically, overworked Web teams put [a site] online quickly, probably with a manager’s approval, but without serious editing or copyediting. After all, one of the Web’s greatest strengths is its capacity for limitless corrections, revisions, and updates. —

Companies are generally overwhelmed when building a new property or redesigning their current website. Web design firms concentrate almost exclusively on functionality and aesthetics, to them, copywriting isn’t a high priority or even a need. Placeholder text is often used and clients must than re-populate their pages with copy. And that’s where professional copywriting usually comes into play.

A Look Inside Copywriting Services

Writers who produce content face several obstacles. The biggest being trying to capture their client’s passion and enthusiasm for their products and services. And that passion and enthusiasm is typically the source of many writer’s pet peeves.

Here are the top annoyances writers face (their names have been changed to protect their identities).

  • Requesting trivial changes. “It amazes me the lengths clients will go through to copy large blocks of texts or entire pages just to change a few words. The time spent doing all that well exceeds the time it would take to just make those changes themselves. When I see a request to revise copy for direction or emphasis, that’s one thing. But when I’m asked to delete word or two or ‘move’ a word from one place in a sentence to another, it drives me insane.” –Julie M.
  • Asking to rewrite copy that’s already been rewritten. “I’d have to say my biggest frustration comes when a client tells me, ‘here’s something I wrote, it stinks and I want you to rework it into something fabulous’. I do and then am told how great it is but needs to be changed again. I especially cringe when the client suggests it read like the original. If that’s the case, what’s the point in hiring me?” –Clive S.
  • Inquiring about an approach, then ignoring the advice. “When a client asks my opinion, telling me I’m the pro, then completely ignores what I’ve said.” –Amy L.
  • Wanting to collaborate on a project. “I dread it when someone tells me they are terrible at writing, than insists on helping me write the copy. It’s like going to a mechanic and telling him you know nothing about cars then demanding to fix it yourself but with his help!” –Tyler Z.
  • Insisting style trumps substance. “As a copywriter, you know you are in for trouble when a client keeps harping on hype. And the reaction you get when you tell them, ‘this is way too over-the-top salesy’ is plain disbelief. It’s amazing how the forest hides the trees.” –Jodi H.
  • Acting as if copy is permanent. “Clients who panic when they see a rough draft or anything else and lose it. The fact it’s not etched in stone doesn’t occur to them.” –Gavin P.

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