October 1, 2022

How to Use Email Marketing to Sell to Your Existing Customer Base

How to Use Email Marketing to Sell to Your Existing Customer Base
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Your customer’s inbox is hallowed ground. It’s a place to wield influence, but tread lightly because overstepping your bounds is cause for banishment to the dreaded SPAM folder.

When someone finds your blog on their own, it’s because they were conducting some type of search. When someone sees your email, they may have done nothing to ask for it other than hand over their address.

Plain and simple, you need to appeal to them in that moment. You’ll need to perfect the approach. How do you do it?

Speak Conversationally

If there’s one thing the Internet’s not short on, it’s corporate speak. It’s a holdover from the years of junk mail and television commercials that have given people a hyper-sensitivity to “the pitch.” Once they sense the hard sell, they tune out. Email is no different.

You can personalize the message by speaking conversationally. Write in the way you would talk with a customer over a cup of coffee. Make them feel like you’re there with them in the room. For example, marketer Chris Brogan often opens up his weekly newsletter by telling people what type of beverage he’s drinking. It allows people a window to see who they are doing business with.

Provide Value

A little small talk is OK in the course of getting people to warm up to you. That’s no excuse not to be direct. Use your subject line to grab people’s attention, and make a promise.

Example subject lines:

“The Secret You Need For Losing Weight Fast”

Or –

“Five Steps Toward Having The Greenest Lawn On The Block”

Both of these headlines are enticing. If your customers are truly interested in the goal at hand, they’ll probably have a fairly high open rate. The next step is delivering on that promise.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways drive traffic and increase sales. But there are many misconceptions about how to make a great email pitch. Many companies don’t send enough marketing emails–and the ones they do send rarely get opened. —Inc.com

After the small talk, you need to provide value. Those five steps to green-up your lawn better dive a little deeper than simply watering it.

Talk about the types of fertilizer needed. Talk about a tip that your customers would never have thought of. Be the person they’ll turn to in the future for the “how-to.”

Keep Your Content Fresh

It’s understandable that you’re marketing to promote your business. Maybe there’s a sale or event you want all of your customers to be aware of. When you start using the same subject line (or a very similar subject line) in consecutive emails, you’ll drastically reduce your open rates. The same goes for the email body. Vary things up, or readers will lose interest.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new ways that you can tell your story and reveal your message. A constant variety and a little bit of unpredictability will go a long way in keeping your customers interested in what you have to say.

Avoid Spam Triggers

Going for the hard sell consistently not only turns off your readers, but is a quick way to land in the SPAM folder.

Email providers work hard to protect their users from a glut of SPAM in their inbox. Words and phrases such as “Free,” “Discount,” or “Don’t Hesitate” can quickly land you in the banished land; here’s a list of 287 other phrases you’ll want to be careful to avoid.

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