August 3, 2022

Textbroker Review

The following Textbroker review is based on both sides of the content creation site: Authors and Clients. It documents experiences writers and customers have had with the service over a period of several months.

In the business of copywriting services, there’s certainly a lot of providers to choose from. Likewise, there are many copywritng services out there competing for clients. We’ve gone through a number of critiques and have found each critique is either written from an author’s experience or a client’s experience. We couldn’t find an analysis that combined the two. As a result, we’ve put together snapshot from each angle. 

About this Textbroker Review

Copywriting services are ubiquitous across the web. Some  specialize in a particular product such as blogging, press releases, news articles, website content or SEO copy. Others focus on subject material: law, real estate, DIY, insurance, small business, et cetera.

During this review, we found the content creation service has practically no boundaries for what clients can order and what authors can find to write. However, in this rating, the conclusion is not an automatic win-win scenario for either party.

Textbroker Review: Pros and Cons

From a writer’s standpoint, this is helpful in determining how worthwhile the service is in terms of earnings and productivity. For clients, this review will uncover what can be expected when ordering.


For writers, you’ll find the compensation is adequate for a bit of extra income. But unless you reach the 5-star writer category, you won’t be able to make a full time income or even a part-time income. However, you will easily be able to make extra money and cashing-out is very convenient.

For customers, you’ll find the ordering process to be straight-forward and takes as only as much time as you wish to commit. In other words, it was found ordering takes as long as you want it to be–the more descriptive you are about your order, the longer it will take.

  • Writers will find dozens of new orders available in the queue every day.
  • Customers can easily find categories in which to best place their orders.
  • Writers can “rate” clients, allowing them to guage which customers they most like to work with.
  • Clients can also “rate” writers and can blacklist writers that didn’t meet expectations.


Writers will find that some, albeit few, clients will send articles back for revision, harping on minor points or outright changing the entire “direction” of the project.

Clients will experience the same. Some orders come back with the required word count, but totally miss the mark. Writers sometimes misconstrue the order’s directions and return work that is not in-line with the intended purpose.

  • Our review found that clients can place a turn-around time or days for completion on their order. However, the clock only begins ticking after a writer has claimed the order. This means an order can remain in the queue days or weeks before being written.
  • Our critique also notes that the “tone” of the writing changes significantly. That is, since orders are placed in a general queue, different authors write material. As a result, the language and tone changes.
  • Clients must also pre-pay for their future orders. Although their account isn’t debited until orders are written and accepted, clients must first deposit money in an account.

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