January 12, 2022

Website Newsletter: Help Grow Your Business

website-newsletterA website newsletter can do more than advertise your current products, services and promotions, it can be a window into your company that makes readers feel like a partner or an insider. It also can keep your audience abreast of changes or coming products and services.

But the real beauty of these marketing tools, whether they are an online newsletter or sent out as email newsletter, is they can keep your company in the forefront of your customer’s minds. What’s more, they can do so without having to be annoying or too salesy.

A well put-together newsletter can help to craft an image of your business that customers and potential customers find appealing. It can also be a great way to collect information about your readers through polls and contests. 

The Basics of Email Marketing

The biggest objection most businesses have to a website newsletter is that they’ll be seen as an unwanted solicitor. But that’s an easy obstacle to overcome. And with email marketing set to reach nearly $2.5 billion by the year 2016, it’s obviously a tool that many companies are using effectively.

Another objection is that a website newsletter takes too much time and effort to be worth it. Even if using a newsletter format that’s produced with email marketing software, there’s still content to create. But that can easily be outsourced.

Anything you put out there has to be something people will try at least once. Then it has to benefit them (or they have to think it does), so that they’ll want it again and again. —Inc.com

What’s more, businesses might decline to include a newsletter into a company’s bulk email marketing, because they don’t know what to include. But just think “soft-sale” and that will take care of itself. Besides, hard-selling doesn’t work very well in online marketing.

The most important thing about email marketing is not to spam your readers. A website newsletter is meant to inform, not suffocate. Each edition should be personalized to each individual recipient, your privacy policy ought to be conspicuous and an opt-out feature prominently displayed.

Website Newsletter Benefits

The purpose of a website newsletter should be to keep your current customers in-the-know while being informative to prospective clients. To strike the right balance, forget about stuffing it with sales pitches and sale enticements. Instead, just create something that is interesting.

Here are the three biggest benefits to using email newsletters for your business:

  1. Regardless if all the recipients read it or not, it keeps you and your company’s name on their minds. And that means they’re more likely to choose you for their next purchase.
  2. Website newsletters can be helpful to customers. Not only can it contain information about your company, it can include helpful tips and tricks your readers can use.
  3. It can help your business retain customers and recoup those who haven’t purchased in a while. Feature different customer success stories and include stats and facts about your their industry.

For business owners who are too busy and/or do not have the “talent” to write, we can help. Just contact us and we can write content your customers and prospects will enjoy reading and will find informative.

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